Which is better that Google Earth?

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When it comes to online map, Google Earth does hold its reputations. It is of course very much popular since it is another Google product. Google originally introduced Google Earth in 2005. g_earth1

Now is there anything that is better than Google Earth? Well you’ve asked it, in that regards the two that deserves the title of best competitor is NASA’s World Wind and Apple’s 3D map. Let’s know more about them.




World Wind


NASA has a free satellite mapping software that is very good competitor to Google earth. It has some features that Google doesn’t, their software have more scientific tools like the new compass, near real time weather, scale bar and some others. Its not a surprise to have this kinds of difference when the software is coming from NASA. Google earth doesn’t have the scientific visualization viewer capabilities that World Wind has. And the program is a open source. Here is the following feature the program has and summary of what their website has to say about them.

3D Engine :World Wind allows any user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and SRTM elevation data to experience Earth in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there.

Blue Marble: It has a full copy of the Blue Marble, a spectacular true-color image of the entire Earth as seen on NASA’s Earth Observatory: the Blue Marble.

Landsat 7: You can continue to zoom past Blue Marble and reveal the extremely detailed seamless mosaic of LandSat 7 data.

SRTM: Combining LandSat 7 imagery with Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Data, World Wind can display a dramatic view of the Earth at eye level. Users will literally be able to fly across the world in any direction.

MODIS: Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer or MODIS produces a set of time relevant data that’s updated every day. MODIS catalogs fires, floods, dust, smoke, storms and even volcanic activity.

GLOBE: It is capable of browsing through and displaying GLOBE data based on any time the user wants. For example, a user can download today’s (or any previous day’s) temperature across the world.

Landmark Set: It has the capability to display actual 3d models of landmarks on the earth. This helps to see the world in context to places a user may have been to. Those landmarks that do not have 3D models for it yet have place markers similar to how MODIS displays places of interest.


Apple 3D map

earth vs ios6 (Mobile)

Apple also launched their Maps for iOS6 with 3D viewing support of their own. Not all the places in the earth got the 3D view for this one of course. But its 3D map views seem to be better than Google Earth. Its detail in Flyover is very amazing and it supports yelp’s user submitted photos. Its local search includes millions of business listings. Listing is integrated with Yelp to include ratings and reviews. And it has an astonishing feature of voice activated virtual assistant. You can ask to take you to somewhere and it will take you there. You can also see a satellite view which you can rotate to have good look. But it still isn’t as developed as Google’s. Google has been there for years, but still its performance is noticeably good and they’ll of course improve their program.


You can try all three of them, they’re all good. Hope soon all the country will be under this system. And don’t forget to let us know which one do you find better than the others.



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