Music or Movies

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We cherish both Movies and Music.




Both are altogether different and both bring out feeling.

I cherish Movies all various types from Action, Adventure ,Comedy ,Drama ,Thriller to Romance and each one carry distinctive affections from delight to trouble and many other affections, I can additionally truly lose myself in movies .You can also download the android movie downloader

Music is the same for me that additionally carries out feeling on the grounds that generally melodies have a significance behind them.

And however you feel there is always a song that fits your mood happy sad angry and loads of other emotions there’s a song for every mood possible.

Movies has a lot to say to you , They make laugh and cry, they tell you tale to remember, gives you thriller, enjoyment and inspiration. You can have some family time and watch movies together , it can be a great source of enjoyment for all the family member . You also use them in your love relation and go to theater to have some lovely time together .

Music on the other hand has its own way of expressing emotions . They can fit your emotion, make you happy, accompany you when you are sad and alone. Music gives you inspiration too. In a way that movies can’t. Like the song “We shall overcome” . You feel you can overcome all your stress and difficulties when hear such a great song as this. And its one of the best ways to express your love towards your companion,you can dedicate a song to her/him or you can try it for yourself whether  you’re good or very bad at it . Music is a great way to express yourself. You can also hear music while you are working , it can break your dullness and boost your steam .
Movies has music in it but not vice versa or the other way around, but still music can fit with your emotion ,work,life in more ways than Movies . You certainly can’t watch a movie while working, but you can definitely hear your favorite song while doing your work. So my choice is Music over Movies . Different people do have different opinions so which one do you think is better and why, tell us in the comments .

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