Best WiFi calling app for iPhone

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We’re searching for the best apps that allows making voice calls on your iPhone using WiFi. And do you know it can can be done without paying a penny when you’re paying bill all the time for your voice call charges? Well it is indeed amazing what the latest technology has to offer us. Sure it can be done and there is a lot of app out there that would let you do that. And that’s not all, you can even see your love ones on the other side of of the phones via video calls. All that with the help of one app. Thanks to the technological advancements most of us have access to internet and we could use it to minimize phone calls bill by using some free wifi calling apps for iOS or also android.

 We’re hunting the best app in this regard, different apps offers different facility, features and quality so lets find out which one is better.

1. Rebtelrebtel

Rebtel is number one in my list for calling apps. This one is highly appreciated for its quality service. You can make a call without paying anything over rebtel ot rebtel users. And you can make your regular call using rebtel credit, its cheap. The voice and video quality is better than other apps on the net. One of the most amazing features of this app is its uninterrupted calling. Keep talking facility. Where others apps would fail the connection if you move to 3G zone from Wife or vice versa, Keep Talking however uses the latest Rebtel technology to identify this is happening and automatically re-routes your call via a stronger connection . You login with your facebook account or just sign up in few seconds to give it a go. It is a brilliant app for making free calls on iOS or android.

2. Fringfring

Fring is a very popular app for making voice and video calls. It ensures you to have a smooth conversation with its great features. One of the great features of this app is group video calling which allows up 4 users in group video chat. Great one if you want to hold a great conversation with some of your friends at the same time when there away.



3. Skypeskype

Now it would be a great upset if this one did take place on this list. Is probably the most popular app for making free voice and video calls on iOS and android. It enables user to make free video and voice calls from skype to skype over WiFi and even 3G. The sound and video quality is very good. You can also make regular call using Skype credits.

There you have it, three of the most popular and best WiFi-calling apps for iOS, you can tell me whats your choice in the comments to.

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