The best apps for watching free television shows on iPhones

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There was a time when the watching of television was among those things that were enjoyed only by the most privileged in the society and thanks to the technological developments watching television has been changed where basically everyone is in a position to watch shows that come through the television set. The technological advancements did not stop there as the latest technologies have proved that it is very much possible for one watch all their favorite television shows right from the comfort of their mobile phones formally known as smartphones and particularly so the iPhone which is our main concern today. These technological advancements have made it possible for people to watch the shows directly from their phones without having to connect their phones with the television sets. All one is required to do for them to start enjoying these services is simply get a smartphone and look for the best iPhone app they can install in their phones to enable them watch their favorite television shows. By providing you with a list of the best apps to watch the television shows in your phone, you are able to get the app that is most convenient for you.You can also check my best movie downloader app for android

The AT&T U-verse Live TV App

Just like its name suggests this app relies on the U-Verse broadband in ensuring that all its users are able to watch their TV shows on their iPhones. It does not offer its own programs or rather it does have its own television station but rather relies on showing the shows that are programed by other television stations. It particularly offers programs that are under the general news and sports news category by giving its users access to stations such as the Fox News, the ESPN sports as well as many other news and sport news television stations and programs. So if you are one person who likes following up on the latest news, then you will ultimately love having this app on your iPhone.This app will serve your purpose.

The Hulu Plus app

 If you have not heard about Hulu then you are probably new to the world of TV shows on mobile phones as it is among the first entries into this area of specialization with its venture into this field estimated to be around the year 2007. Since its unveiling around that time, the app has seen more and more people starting to use and as a result has established itself as a very influential figure in this type of service delivery. It is known to have a very huge database of TV shows that it covers and this might be the reason it has become very popular. With this app in your phone, you are guaranteed to get access to full seasons of the TV shows that it shows and you will therefore never lack a program to watch.This app is also supported on most Android 4.x phones ,tablets etc.

The NetTV app

This is considered to be a relatively late entry into this market and from this information it would be very appropriate for you to state that it is not very popular among the television shows lovers. Although not used by many people, it still offers its users a very good opportunity to watch all their favorite TV shows from their phones. Since the apps hosts over 300 television shows you are guaranteed to always find a program to watch from among those stations whenever you log in into your app from your phone. The app also enables you to follow up on the latest releases of the seasonal shows that you may be in love with.

The Cartoon Network app

Now once you hear the word cartoon network you obviously understand what that means and I do not think that there is anyone would not know what this app deals with just by looking at the name of the app itself. Within this app, you will be able to have an insight on all the programs that are shown on the cartoon network television station since cartoon network is itself a TV station. You will agree with me that there is usually no better place to watch the content of a television station than from its own app and that is exactly what is offered by this app. Since the programs here are all about the cartons programs that are most enjoyed by the kids, you will notice that this among the most popular iPhone TV watching apps with the kids.

The HBO GO app             

If you are one TV addict you must have noticed the many TV programs that usually air on your local stations with the trademark of this company either at the bottom right of your screen or at the top right of your screen.  Just by judging by those programs that you might have seen having that trademark as they are been aired, imagine the number of television programs that you will have access to once you have downloaded this app into your iPhone. Since the Home Box Office produces its own television programs, you are guaranteed to have access to all these stations and especially so the programs that are aired in seasons form. It is because of the great shows that this app offers as well as a high number of shows that are available for watching that this TV watching app has grown to be among the most popular Television watching apps on iPhones.

You will definitely agree that watching television has never been made this easier. You do not have to rush from your office to your home so that you can get to catch the latest in the news world or even to catch up with a TV program you always follow up. You only have to ensure that you have one or even all the above apps in your iPhone and you will be able to watch all those television programs that you wish to watch and follow up on even when you are away from your home. So now you do not have an excuse for missing your favorite programs on TV.


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